JoinAround® Zoo

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Engage your whole family in doing a unique puzzle together regardless of age or skill set. Big puzzle pieces for small hands, small puzzle pieces for big hands. It's more than a puzzle, with 4 different ways to play.

Not for children under 3 yrs.

Ages 4+

- 11.4" x 2.5" (approx. box dimensions)
- 20" (approx. puzzle diameter)
- 4 puzzle quandrants with different size puzzle pieces
- 235 total puzzle pieces
- Made in China

Everyone does their part in putting four quadrants of the puzzle together and then attaching it to the hub to create the final image.

Additional games include:
- 20 questions
- "Once upon a time" storytelling activity
- Seek & Find image
- How many can you spot?

- Ships within the US only.